H7 heavy truck tractor
H7 heavy truck tractor

Product Parameter


Keel frame structure cab + integral anti-collision door, providing armored safety protection for driving safety; intelligent driving package: fatigue driving + blind spot monitoring + panoramic image;
Smart Safety Package: Lane Departure LDWS + Collision Warning FCW + Tire Pressure Monitoring; Air Pressure Boost (1MPa) + Drum Brake Wear Alarm;
For logistics vehicles with more than 500 horsepower, the whole system can be equipped with hydraulic buffers to improve the driving safety of the whole vehicle.


Parts are further upgraded and optimized, first-class supplier quality assurance, and increased attendance;
Fast helical gear/S series gearbox application, improve the bearing capacity, reduce the noise in the resistance area, and make the gear shifting more smoothly;
17 outstanding reliability improvements, such as water cold treasure, clutch, clutch booster, WABCO dryer, fuel sensor rear combination tail light, etc.

fuel efficient

YC6K/WP13 series high-horsepower fuel-saving engine application, the comprehensive fuel consumption is reduced by 3%-6%;
The lightweight 440 drive axle specially designed for logistics has a strength comparable to that of the 457 axle, its own weight is 107KG lighter than the traditional 153 double rear axle, and it saves about 2% of fuel.The low wind resistance (0.527) design of the whole vehicle, the intelligent driving system and the optimally matched transmission system, reduce the comprehensive fuel consumption of the whole vehicle operation.


The horsepower has been fully upgraded, and the chassis bridge has reached 100,000 kilometers for maintenance;Standard 50# saddle to reduce self-weight;

The fuel tank volume has been upgraded to 100OL dual fuel tanks, and the cruising range has been increased; 10 items of lightweight technology such as suspension and ground have been applied to reduce the dead weight.


The appearance is upgraded, beautiful and novel, and the interior is optimized;
A new generation of high-profile seats, integrated seat belts, adjustable damping, pneumatic height adjustment, dual airbag waist adjustment, quick deflation, optional ventilation, heating and other functions; the cab comes standard with four-point suspension airbag suspension , chassis optimization;
Added four-season package and southern package upgrade to improve driving comfort under different climatic conditions;
The 1000W high-power 220W power supply meets the functional requirements of on-board equipment such as rice cookers, induction cookers, and kettles, and the cab glass is upgraded to green, which isolates ultraviolet rays and effectively isolates heat;
The sleeper is upgraded and thickened to 120mm.


Smart cockpit package: integrates Tencent Internet application, cargo-specific navigation, Chenglong V+ Internet of Vehicles, air-conditioning display control and virtual rocker switch functions, a car-connected ecosystem that realizes high-quality interactive truck experience;
Smart key: speed lock + one-button lift window + remote window lift;
TFT color screen instrument, vehicle information is clear at a glance;
Intelligent assistance: right turn prompt sound + speeding alarm.

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