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Sinotruk A7 6x4 Tractor truck
The company includes Sinotruk, Shaanxi Automobile, Foton, Jiefang and other brands of a full range of used cars and special vehicles for sale. If you can't find the target model, you can contact the business consultation

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The company sells a full range of second-hand cars, new cars and special vehicles of Chinese brands such as Sinotruk and Shaanxi Automobile. Contact us for an exclusive customization. We do not offer rental services nor do we sell accessories separately.


Each truck is strictly tested according to the national vehicle testing standards. The test items include nearly 100 items such as light, brake, clutch, engine, gearbox and chassis. There will be a test report after the vehicle is qualified.


In 2019, our company obtained the license issued by the Ministry of Commerce of China and became a pilot enterprise for exporting used commercial vehicles in China. In order to better serve the international market, the second-hand commercial vehicle export base covering an area of 300,000 square meters has been fully established. The daily trading volume has reached more than 1,000 vehicles, making it one of the largest used commercial vehicle export bases in Asia. The base has two major centers, the used commercial vehicle export service center and the cross-border e-commerce platform operation center. The vehicle inspection area, the vehicle workshop, the parking area for vehicles to be inspected, and the four functional areas for parking are located in the export vehicle area, with professional and convenient product quality. Guarantee, traceability and transaction clearance system. In the future, we will also build multiple regional procurement centers in China to establish stable domestic supply channels. We will also establish overseas warehouses, parts warehouses and after-sales outlets around the world, and at the same time implement a "one car, one gear" quality and information transaction capability system to ensure the car experience of every overseas buyer.





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