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Standard semi-trailer

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The handrail semi-trailer is made of high-strength steel. The standard semi-trailer with light weight is light in weight, high in carrying capacity and strong in safety and stability.

The girder structure adopts the structure of the upper wing plate 12, the neutral plate 8, and the lower wing plate 14, which can ensure that the trailer has the dual advantages of light weight and high bearing capacity.

The load-bearing surface of the pallet truck has been slightly arched. When transporting heavy steel coils and profiles, the load-bearing platform does not collapse, and it is safe and stable.

The 13-meter standard semi-trailer is a lightweight standard truck. The 13-meter standard semi-trailer refers to a standard semi-trailer with a trailer length of 13 meters and a height of 60 cm. The lightweight design ensures a self-weight of about 5 tons. It is a semi-trailer widely used in road transportation at present.

Fence semi-trailer, also known as standard semi-trailer, is the basic model of light semi-trailer.

The height of the box board is 60cm, and the straight beam structure ensures the perfect loading capacity of the pallet semi-trailer.

The inner diameter of the fence semi-trailer can be designed according to the needs, and it can load steel plates, profiles, iron coils, gravel, stones and various bulk goods.

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