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water truck
Special vihecle
Chassis modification is convenient: the chassis parts are all lower than the upper wing surface of the frame, the chassis can be equipped with spline power take-off or flange power take-off (speed ratio 1.5, torque 200N.m, the rotation direction is opposite to the engine), power take-off It is arranged on the opposite side of the exhaust pipe, and the installation space of the gear pump is reserved; Special data for sanitation vehicles: According to the operating characteristics of sanitation vehicles at low speed and low load, the electronic control data is separately calibrated to create the industry's best carbon load model and regeneration mileage. The longest special vehicle chassis. Professional top design: the water tank has advanced structure, the water tank body is made of Q235A material, the interior is designed with a wave-proof board buffer structure, and the bottom frame adopts a frame structure to ensure the overall structural strength; equipped with a music player, which can be played during operation The music is used as a warning to remind the surrounding pedestrians to pay attention to avoidance; the optional arrow light can play a warning role in the operation, reminding the surrounding pedestrians to pay attention to avoidance;

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The company sells a full range of second-hand and special-purpose vehicles from Chinese brands such as Sinotruk and shacman. Contact us for an exclusive customization. We do not offer rental services nor do we sell accessories separately.








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