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Concrete mixer truck
Special vihecle
Special chassis for construction vehicles: full power take-off engine, large output torque, strong bearing and stirring capacity; desert air filter, stronger adaptability to harsh environments; gearbox with auxiliary box mechanism to meet the needs of different working conditions;
Safe and reliable: large leaf spring support distance, high-strength frame, strong anti-rolling ability, safe and reliable; the vehicle has been verified by various working conditions, and the quality is reliable;
Comfort and environmental protection: National VI emission engine, low noise and environmental protection; long leaf spring, good shock absorption effect, more comfortable driving; meet different job requirements;
Professional design of the top: using three domestic famous and excellent components, high-strength wear-resistant materials for the inlet and outlet components, tank body and blades, the life is extended by 100%, and durable; the double-spiral blade structure, the stirring is more uniform, the material is discharged faster, and the residual Low rate, no segregation; Blades are equipped with protective strips to prolong blade life.

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The company sells a full range of second-hand and special-purpose vehicles from Chinese brands such as Sinotruk and shacman. Contact us for an exclusive customization. We do not offer rental services nor do we sell accessories separately.


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Our mixer truck using import hydraulic system, such as America Pump and motor, Italy brand reducer. easy to repair and maintainance.


The mixing tank body is made of high strength wear-resistant steel plate, cage type mold are integrally formed to ensure that the flange, sections of the cylinder body and rolling the coaxial degree and circle beat, to ensure smooth operation of the vehicle.


The tank body adopts the double helix blade, moderate density and taper before the gateball symmetric stirring plate and tank mouth at the installation of blades and a material guide vanes, resorted to materials to be more even faster.








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