Delonghi X3000 6X4  truck
Delonghi X3000 6X4 truck

Product Parameter

The company sells a full range of second-hand cars, new cars and special vehicles of Chinese brands such as Sinotruk and Shaanxi Automobile. Contact us for an exclusive customization. We do not offer rental services nor do we sell accessories separately.


Product positioning: higli-end long-distance high-speed logistics delivery tractor,for long-distance rapid logistics, daily industial products, containettransport and other markets.

Main featuwes: ligh efficieney, low fuel consumption,intelligent, comfortable, matching 10L、11L、12L、13Lengine, four-point airbag shock.absorption, grammer air seat, double seal and other noise reduction design.

A total of 150,000 units have been sold. In the actual verification, the feedback from the users shows that the confort and fuel saving performance are

comparable to those of European and American trucks.

The vehicle body is automatically welded by robots from the worlds top ABB company.The main welding automation rate is 100%.The welting

accuracy is high, the solder joints are distributed evenly, and there is no phenomenon such as desoldering and false weldn .It can ensure that thre wibe no open welding deformation under harsh environments and impact resistance.






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