M3 dump truck
M3 dump truck

Product Parameter


the cab

China's first keel frame structure cab, all-steel body, integral door with reinforced anti-collision beam, armor-type super protection, all-round protection for the safety of drivers and passengers.

Low center of gravity design

Adopt lowering and re-leaf spring seat, flat-rolling leaf spring, low center of gravity, safer driving!

key valve

All the valves and ABS of the whole vehicle use the WABCO brand, and the air circuit is all high-quality quick-insertion, the air pressure is stable, the air is not mixed, and the braking is safer!



Matching Chenglong customized engine, exclusive customization and joint development. Reliability is greatly improved, quality assurance!

water tank space

The engine does not leak out of the engine compartment, which is convenient for large-volume water tank and convenient modification.


The new chassis, modular design, neat layout, the use of European and American advanced technology, the universal design has reached the European and American level, the reliability of parts is reduced and the maintenance convenience is greatly improved!

cooling system
Follow-up wind protection ring structure, improve fan efficiency. Improve the heat dissipation performance of the cooling system; the gap between the fan and the wind protection ring is small, reducing the hot air and dust

fuel efficient

optimized match
Loaded with "Golden Power. Chenglong Customized" engine, the power system is perfectly matched and more fuel efficient!
Engine fuel saving technology
Equipped with a fuel-saving switch as standard, the corresponding gear can be selected according to the working conditions, the fuel injection amount is automatically controlled by the ECU, the power is reasonably adjusted, and the fuel is effectively saved!
Lightweight Design
Under the condition of ensuring the bearing capacity, the high-strength and lightweight frame, the aluminum alloy oil section, the aluminum alloy comfortable and simple, and the lightweight axle are used to optimize the lightweight design. Lighter self-weight, more flexible oil, create more wealth for you!
drop group design
The streamlined cab shape is not considered, combined with the exterior sun-lowering design, the wind resistance is reduced by 14%. Fuel consumption reduced by 7%n


exterior interior
The new cab is matched with the new interior, the styling is fashionable, the interior has an affinity and a sense of technology, and the new comfortable feeling.

The new driving suffocation suspension is developed and applied with the engine integral flat cushion and the front and rear 1.8-meter small leaf springs.

The steering wheel and the three kneeling board are checked by the simulation software for ergonomics, and the structure is improved. The steering is light and smooth, reaching the car-level lightness level, reducing fatigue and making driving easier!

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