H7 dump truck
H7 dump truck

Product Parameter


China's first keel frame cab + integral door with double-layer anti-collision beam, armor-type super protection,
All-round protection for the safety of drivers and passengers.

Low center of gravity design
Low center of gravity, using disconnected balance suspension. Lightweight leaf spring, safer driving!

key valve
All the key valves and ABS of the whole vehicle are purchased with the wABCO brand, and the air circuit is a quick-plug structure, the air pressure is stable, no air leakage, and the braking is safer!


The new chassis, modular design, layout and refurbishment, the use of European and American advanced technology, the universal design has reached the European and American level, the number of parts is reduced, and the reliability and assembly convenience are greatly improved!
The U-bolt of the rear suspension is arranged upward, which is convenient for maintenance and disassembly; the split balance suspension improves the convenience of maintenance.

light weight
Under the condition of ensuring the bearing capacity, the lightweight design of high-strength lightweight frame, aluminum alloy fuel tank, aluminum alloy gas storage pit, lightweight axle, disconnected balance suspension, etc. is adopted. 12.7T, Dorado earns!
The supply chain resources of mature products from industries such as Weichai, Fatute and Fangsheng are selected, and the quality is reliable.

fuel efficient

Engine four-valve structure, two-inlet and two-exhaust valve, the combustion is more complete, the fuel economy is obviously improved, and the fuel consumption is reduced by 2.5%.More fuel efficient!


Equipped with Beidou intelligent terminal and accessories, with driver fingerprint identification, heavy empty vehicle identification,
Heavy truck cargo box lift control, roof automatic forced sealing, planning route control,
Breakpoint resume and information storage and other functions,
24-hour monitoring, keeping your vehicle under control anytime, anywhere.


Optimize the structure
The steering wheel and three pedals are ergonomically checked by the simulation software, and the structure is worry-free, the steering is light, and the output is smooth, reaching the level of car-level lightness.Reduce fatigue and drive easier!

Tech interior
The new cab is matched with the new floating suspension, interior, integrated headlights, instrument panel, door guards, door locks, etc., with stylish traces, European-class super-large space and sharks with affinity and sense of technology interiors, the new comfortable Through feeling.

The driving air adopts full floating suspension and is equipped with adjustable height airbag to dampen the driver.The seat makes the vehicle ride better and more comfortable to drive!

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