M3 Cargo truck
M3 Cargo truck

Product Parameter


The keel frame structure cab, front and rear axle disc brake, safety is trustworthy.

Lightweight handling

Smooth and lightweight three-pedal operation

Hanging throttle pedal, pedal force curve optimization, better foot feeling, more accurate and comfortable control.

Lightweight steering

Lightweight and high-strength design of steering mechanism and rod system


Lighter technology, single-layer frame without connecting plate crossmember

The total weight is reduced by 27%, and the light weight creates higher value for customers by reducing fuel consumption.

In-vehicle computer management

Integrated and efficient
Intelligent integration, CAN bus for efficient communication

High reliability
Top international chips, 37 severe verifications

Easy maintenance
Self-diagnosis, advance fault detection

Headlights to accompany me home, limp home function

Multifunctional steering wheel, comfortable operation

11 humanized designs, providing caring services for drivers

Service User Needs

Logistics early warning function:Safeguard transport safety, reduce cargo loss and transport risk

Provide a platform for fleet management

Nine functions: vehicle status, electronic fence, fuel consumption monitoring, load monitoring, safety driving, fault alarm, maintenance

Reduce fleet fuel consumption by 7-10%, improve safe driving behavior by 50%, and increase attendance and distribution by 20%


The spacious interior multi-functional lounge area, multi-functional steering wheel, ergonomic instrumentation and other new designs with new interior trim make the ride more comfortable.

The smoothness of the whole vehicle leads the domestic and is close to the international benchmark level.

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