L3 cargo truck
L3 cargo truck

Product Parameter


Gantry frame cab

The first domestic keel frame structure cab, armor type super protection, all-round, maximum protection of driver safety.

Engine exhaust brake

The standard engine exhaust brake (WVEB) ensures safer braking on hilly roads.

Active Safety

The application of wider brakes and ABS anti-lock system ensures more stable and safe braking in emergency situations and on roads prone to skidding.


Customized engine of CHENGLONG

The engine is designed by Yuchai and SWRl, which has undergone reliable structural design and strict testing, and has no overhaul for 500,000 km.

Drive Axle

The drive axle with mature 325 main reduction to achieve large traction torque output, to obtain a higher load power, while the brake widened to $320 × 130, more braking power, better durability.

Lightweight and high strength frame

The L3 adopts a lightweight and high-strength beam, which is formed in one press by the largest 6300-ton press in Asia.

Wanliang Transmission

The third generation of Vanillian's upgraded transmission is equipped with steel-based molybdenum sprayed double cone synchronizer and higher grade precision gears, which improves the handling performance by 30% and increases the life time to 500,000 km.

Fuel saving

Low wind resistance design

The wind resistance optimization design of the whole vehicle of L3 reduces the wind resistance coefficient to 0.527 and reduces the comprehensive fuel consumption by 4%.

Diamond-shaped four-valve engine

Jointly developed and designed by Yuchai and SWRI Consulting, it adopts shaped four-valve technology and low-inertia high-efficiency supercharger to ensure fuller combustion and 3% lower fuel consumption.

Gold Power Chain Matching

The Yuchai 4-valve engine with AVL technology is custom-made by Chenglong, and the golden ratio of power system is matched (4.11/4.875 small speed ratio), which can run faster and reduce the comprehensive fuel consumption by 3%.


Lightweight design

The beam of L3 is made of super-strong steel plate, with light weight and strong load-bearing capacity, combined with the design of casting weight reduction, low fuel consumption for empty vehicle and more pulling for full load.

Licensed with a large tonnage

The L3 is equipped with 7T reinforced rear axle + 9.00R20 steel wire tires, and the announced mass reaches 16T, with a large licensed tonnage, which can easily realize more pulling.

Maintenance-free battery applications

The new L3 battery has a dense structure, good corrosion resistance, and a 20-50% increase in life; at the same time, the battery cover is a labyrinth structure, with low water loss and no need to add water regularly.


True wide-body cab

The cab of L3 is designed by the famous French designer Marc Deschamps, the creator of many famous cars such as Scania and Lamborghini, with fashionable and beautiful shape.

Vibration and noise reduction

With four-dimensional pneumatic adjustment of high-end airbag damping seats, the smoothness of the whole car is the domestic leader; indoor noise 63 decibels, reaching the imported high-end level!


Standard with integral heating and cooling air conditioning system, optional automatic thermostatic air conditioning.

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