L2 cargo truck
L2 cargo truck

Product Parameter


High strength body

EU safety certification, safety and peace of mind. The whole vehicle has passed the EU ECE safety certification, after the top pressure, frontal and side collision, more solid and safer.

Superb braking

Standard ABS to ensure more stable and safe braking in emergencies and on slippery roads; equipped with engine exhaust brake for safer braking on ramp roads; standard air handling unit to ensure a more reliable and safe braking system; adhering to the concept of heavy truck manufacturing, optimize the braking response, independent double circuit air brake for driving, parking energy storage spring, large braking torque, good continuous braking performance, the use of the whole car quick plug connector, Good air tightness and fast brake response.

Ultra-wide view

Upright A-pillar, small tilt angle, wide field of vision. Standard six ultra-wide rearview mirrors, 360 degrees without blind spot, LED daytime running lights, strong long-range light, high recognition. Extra wide front screen


Golden Chain Supply System

Isuzu engine - from Japan Isuzu technology, reliable quality; Bosch high-pressure common rail technology and electronic control system, strong power, ultra-low fuel consumption, ultra-low vibration, ultra-low noise; Getrag transmission: the third generation upgrade version, integration of Japan Isuzu MSB automotive transmission technology; mature front/rear axle: lightweight design; optimized steering structure, better maneuverability; strong platform versatility, mature market application;

Inherited heavy truck manufacturing process

Adopting the domestic leading heavy truck manufacturing process, the quality is reliable and the residual value of the used car is high.

Multiple reliability verification

Complete vehicle durability test:500,000 km reliability test verification, reliable performance.

                                                       Fuel saving

Engine Fuel Saving Technology

Adopt the engine high-pressure common rail electric control technology, the engine economic fuel consumption speed range is wide, fuel consumption reduced by 5 to 10%. Isuzu engine + upgraded Getrag transmission + golden speed ratio rear axle, high efficiency and fuel saving.

Low wind resistance design of the whole vehicle

Wind resistance coefficient 0.491, wind resistance of the whole vehicle reduced by 9%, fuel consumption reduced by 4%


Power Matching Optimization

The power system is optimally matched with Isuzu engine, Getrag 5-speed transmission and mature 5T rear axle, with high transmission efficiency and a maximum speed of 110km/h fully loaded, making intercity transportation more efficient.

Large cargo volume

The whole vehicle is equipped with two kinds of large cargo tanks, 2050mm and 2300mm, with a capacity of 18m3-22m3, which can meet the cargo needs of different customers.

Lightweighting of the whole vehicle

Light weight chassis, new platform, modular design, without reducing the load and power, while significantly reducing the overall vehicle

Maintenance-free batteries

Using the industry advantage brand maintenance-free battery, life increased by 20-50%, high reliability, no regular maintenance. Safe and worry-free.


Extra large space

1995mm wide cab, new platform, large head space, wide feet, easy to ride three 1.8m drivers and passengers, large space in one step.

Sedan Experience

Sedan configuration, integral dashboard + remote central locking + cell phone connection / reverse camera. Easier operation, effectively improve driving comfort. Door lock, electric lock, fuel tank lock, urea tank lock, four locks in one, simple and practical.

Smooth handling

The short-range synchronizer of the transmission increases the shift lever ratio and reduces the shift force by 25%, making it lighter and more comfortable; it adopts the international leading 2+1 under-mounted sub-spring, taking into account the smoothness of no-load and full load capacity.

Free temperature control

Integral heating and cooling air conditioning system, cooling capacity 4000W, heating capacity 4500W, better cooling and heating effect. Ensure the warmth in winter and cool in summer, effectively improve the comfort of the driver.

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