H7 cargo truck
H7 cargo truck

Product Parameter


Keel frame structure cab

China's first keel frame structure cab, double-layer high-strength anti-collision beam integrated door, armor-type protection.

5 major safety early warning systems

Composite brake drum, automatic adjustment arm, WABCO valve, improve the braking safety of the whole vehicle;
Through five major safety early warning systems, including Forward Collision Warning (FCW), Pedestrian Collision Warning (PCw), Lane Departure Warning (LDw), Vehicle Distance Monitoring and Warning (HMW), Speed Limit Recognition and Warning (TSR), effectively reduce the traffic accident rate.


Global Gold Supply Chain

Optimized matching of Yuchai, Cummins, Weichai engines, and selected global famous brand parts:
Fast gearbox, Fangsheng axle, WABCO valve, Fleetguard air filter, etc. are optimized and matched to improve the reliability of the whole vehicle.

light weight

Chenglong H7 truck complies with the development needs of "green Dingdao" logistics, integrates European and American lightweight technology and modular design concepts, the chassis weight can be reduced to 9.5 tons, and the driving oil can be reduced. Payload more.

fuel efficient

Power system optimization matching

The golden power engine of Chenglong H7 truck + direct gear transmission + small speed ratio rear axle can reach 73-9Okm/h at the economical speed of 1300-1600rpm of the engine, which fully meets the speed and power requirements of agricultural and sideline products logistics. In this economical speed range, the streamlined cab effectively reduces the driving wind resistance (the wind resistance coefficient is only 0.527), achieving a comprehensive average fuel consumption saving of more than 3%.


The flat-floor cab has a large space and a comfortable multi-functional rest area, which improves the internal free movement space. Its stylish A-stylish interior brings a pleasant feeling and reduces the driver's fatigue.

The four-point full-floating suspension of the cab, the three-point suspension of the engine and the airbag seat and other comfort design, the vehicle achieves the leading ride comfort in China; automatic constant temperature air conditioning and low indoor noise create a comfortable driving environment for the vehicle.

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